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Subtitling "Covington Cross"
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Our Project
For our project we agreed to subtitle an episode of a TV series called "Covington Cross" for a private collector.
Originally, our "Auftraggeber" only needed German subtitles, but when we were halfway through the project, she also requested us to add English ones as well.

Covington Cross

"Covington Cross" is a US and British co-production and was shown in the 1990s both on British and US TV channels.
Unfortunately it only got an inconvenient program slot and never managed to be as successful as it could have been. Indeed, only seven of the 13 episodes ever aired in the US.
Recently a DVD edition containing all 13 episodes and bonus material has been released. However, it does not contain a German language version: Neither dubbed nor subtitled.

"Covington Cross" traces the adventures of widowed Sir Thomas Grey and his five children who live in a castle in medieval England.
The series does not try to be historically accurate on details of life in the middle ages, but its characters often have a rather modern outlook on live.

Covington Cross - Persecution

"Persecution", the episode we have been working on, tells the story of Rachel, a strong-minded and independent young woman.
When Richard, Sir Thomas' second son, meets her, she is just being chased by a mob that accuses her of being a witch and threatens to burn her at the stake. To save her life, Richard takes her home to his father's castle. But when things start going bad there, even his own family becomes superstitious and delivers Rachel to the local cleric for execution.
Richard manages to save her yet again, but Rachel can no longer stay in the village, and Richard does not get a chance to fully experience what might well have been his very first love.
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