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Subtitling "Covington Cross"

Software and Tools
Subtitle Workshop

License: Freeware
Can be downloaded from: The Urusoft Website
You're getting: A zipped file.
Has to be installed: Yes

Using Subtitle Workshop

  • Download and install Subtitle Workshop.

  • Run Subtitle Workshop. If you kept the default folders during the installation, it will be under programs/URUsoft, or in the URUsoft-folder in the Windows program-list.

  • Tell Subtitle Workshop what language you would like it to speak. To do this, select Settings/Language from the menu

  • Subtitle Workshop Language Selection Dialogue

  • Now you're ready to open the movie file you would like to subtitle. Subtitle Workshop can read almost any kind of movie file. However, if you intend to turn your movie and subtitles into a proper DVD, you should use an mpeg/mpg file.
    You can use Ctrl-P or the menu to open your movie.

  • Subtitle Workshop Open Movie Dialogue

  • Stop the movie (it starts to play automatically).

  • Create an empty subtitle file using the menu or Ctrl-N

  • Subtitle Workshop Open Movie Dialogue

  • Make sure the framerate is specified correctly at the left. Movies recorded or ripped in europe will usually be PAL-format, with 25 FPS.

  • Choose if you want to define your subtitles by frame or second. Most formats autmatically save them in seconds, so we recommend using this option when starting.

  • Play your movie until the first time someone speaks. Be ready to press Alt-C or the "Set start time"-button when someone begins to speak.

  • Press Alt-V or the "Set final time"-button when the speaker ends.

  • Now you can type the text for your subtitle in the text-box in the lower right part of the window. It keeps track of the number of characters and lines for you.
    You can see the duration of your subtitle on the left.

  • In the beginning, you will have to adjust the subtitle slightly, to let it appear almost the moment the speaker starts to talk. Please keep in mind that most subtitle formats use only two decimal places. Subtitle Workshop allows you to use three, but the last will be lost when saving your subtitles. To avoid subtitles appearing too early after reloading them, we suggest you only use two decimal places, and let all times end on a 0.

  • Subtitle Workshop New Subtitles Dialogue

  • Repeat this for each subtitle.

  • Let the program check your subtitle for errors by pressing "F9".
    Lines with errors appear in red. The errors the program can find are:
    • Too long lines (over 44 characters)
    • Too long durations (over 6 seconds)
    • Too short durations (under 1 second)
    • Overlapping items
    • Dashes starting one liners
    • Double punctuation (-- // ,, etc.)
    • Unnecessary spaces
    Moving the mouse over any red line shows information about the error found.

    Error found in Subtitle Workshop

  • Correct them manually or have the program correct them (F10)

  • Save your subtitles by pressing Ctr-S or using the menu.
    You will be asked to choose from over 50 different formats. We suggest using MicroDVD.

  • Subtitle Workshop Save Subtitles Dialogue

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