Multi-Media Translation Projects
Subtitling "Covington Cross"

Black Box Subtitles are usually displayed in white on a black background. This makes them easier to read. Otherwise, words tend to blend or bleed into the picture.
Frame In movies, frames are the different still images any movie is made from.
Frame Rate The frame rate specifies how many frames there are during a second. The more frames per second (FPS), the more fluent motions will appear. Different video standards use different frame rates.
GNU General Public License Programs distributed under a GPL can be downloaded, copied and given to friends freely. They come with the sourcecode included, and everyone is allowed to make changes to the program.
The one thing you must not forget when passing the program, changed or unchanged, on to others is, that you have to include the source code again as well, to provide the next person with the same chance to make changes etc. that you had.
Freeware A program that is offered for free and can be passed on to others or downloaded with no strings attached.
Monospace/ Proportional Monospace fonts are fonts where the same amount of space is reserved for each character. An example for this is Courier New.
The opposite of this are proportional fonts, where each character is allotted space acording to it's width. An example for this is Times New Roman
MPG / MPEG Mpeg, originally short for "Moving Picture Experts Group", is mostly used to refer to a certain kind of video file format that allows the use of very high-quality movie files.
An MPEG-Video theoretically consists of two files, a video and an audio one, that are joined (Multiplexing). In the MPEG-file, these two files are called streams. DVDs use MPEG-2, with two video and one audio stream. This audio stream, the third stream in the MPEG-file, is known to all of us - the abbreviation for "MPEG stream 3" is "MP3"...
Multiplexing/ Demultiplexing
Multiplexing is the process of joining an audio and a video file into one single file consisting of several "streams". Splitting the file up again into an audio and a video
NTSC The video standard format used almost exclusively in the US, Canada and Japan. It has a frame rate of 29.97 FPS.
The rest of the world use PAL or SECAM.
NTSC is short for National Television System(s) Committee.
PAL The video standard format used in most parts of Europe, Australia and a big part of the rest of the world. It has a frame rate of 25 FPS. The US and Canada use NTSC
PAL stands for Phase Alternating Line. It was developed originally to avoid certain problems with the color that tend to appear in NTSC.
Serifs Serifs are structural details on the ends of strokes that make up letters and symbols. (Quoted from wikipedia)

Examples for seriffed and sans serif fonts: A/A, i/i, s/s, E/E, p/p
Virtual Dub A program under GPL-license. It is one of the best free video editors, and can do just about everything
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