Multi-Media Translation Projects
Subtitling "Covington Cross"

Step 2: Converting Into a DVD Subtitle File.

Step 3: Demuxing the Mpeg-File.

If you want to create a proper DVD, you're most probably working from an mpeg-file.
As sound and pictures are stored seperately on a DVD, thus allowing for differnt language versions of the same movie on one DVD, you will have to split your file into the sound and the video bit. This procedure is referred to as demuxing

  • Download, unzip and run TMPGEnc.
  • Click away any windows that appear until you see the main window:

  • TMPGEnc Program

  • Choose File/MPEG Tools from the menu

  • IfoEdit DVD Author Window

  • Choose the option "Simple Demultiplex".
  • Click the "Browse" Button next to "Input"; Choose your MPEG-File.

  • IfoEdit DVD Author Window

  • Click the "Run" button at the bottom of the window.

Step 4: Writing the DVD Image.

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