Multi-Media Translation Projects
Subtitling "Covington Cross"

Step 3: Demuxing the MPEG File.

Step 4: Creating the DVD Image.

As most DVD burning programs do not support subtitles or different language versions, you will need a special program to create and burn this DVD. We were using IfoEdit, a free software that is pretty easy to get used to and does not require you to do any amount of programming yourself.
  • Install and open IfoEdit.
  • Choose the option "DVD-Autor/Author new DVD" from the menu.

  • IfoEdit DVD Author menu

  • Create a folder called VIDEO_TS somewhere.
  • Select your video, audio and subtitle files. (Ideally you have renamed them all to the same name before the file extension (meaning anything before the ".").
    Choose the VIDEO_TS-folder as destination.

  • IfoEdit DVD Author Window

  • Click "OK"; Lean back and wait.
  • Click the "Write CD Image"-button; Lean back and wait again.

Step 5: Use your favorite burning program to turn the resulting image file into a real DVD.

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