Multi-Media Translation Projects
Subtitling "Covington Cross"

Step 1: Saving Your Subtitles.

Step 2: Converting Into a DVD Subtitle File.

Now you have to turn the text-file you got from subtitle workshop into a .sup-file. We recommend using Frantisek Kasparek's DVD SupTools
  • Download and unzip DVDSupTools.
  • Copy your subtitle file into the DVDSupTools16-folder.
  • Open the Windows run dialogue.

  • Windows Startmenü

  • You should now see this window:

  • Windows Command Prompt

  • Enter the path where you extracted DVDSupTools, followed by a space and the name of your subtitle text file.
    In our case it looked like this: C:\Programme\DVDSupTools16\DVDSupEncode.exe covington.txt
  • The program now converts the text file to a .sup-file of the same name, to be found in the same folder.

Step 3: Demuxing the MPEG File.

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