Multi-Media Translation Projects
Subtitling "Covington Cross"

Step 1: Subtitle Workshop - Saving Subtitles.

The first step in creating a DVD with subtitles is to save your subtitles in a format your DVD-player will be able to understand. This means that you have to create your own subtitle format.
  • Load your subtitle file in subtitle workshop.
  • Select File/Save as or press Ctrl-Shift-S.
  • Select "Custom Format"

  • Subtitle Work-Shop Save-As-Dialogue

  • Enter the following information in the left part of the new window:
    • The Name of your own subtitle format.
    • Set "extension" to "*.txt".
    • Set "new line character" to "|" (AltGr-<)
    • Check the "frame" option.
    • Your window should look like this now:

    Subtitle Work-Shop Custom Format Dialogue

  • Delete everything from the right part of your window, and write in the following:
    • {RepeatSub}
    • {{swFrameStart}}{{swFrameEnd}}{swText}
    • {EndRepeat}
    • There should be three lines in your window now:

    Subtitle Work-Shop Custom Format Dialogue with Definitions

  • Save your subtitles.

Step 2: Converting into a DVD subtitle file.

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