Multi-Media Translation Projects
Multi-Media Translation Projects:
A Learner-Centered Seminar
The projects presented here were completed within the scope of a graduate translation seminar during the summer semester of 2006. The students in groups were given the task of selecting and completing a multi-media project involving at least ten pages of translation per person into or out of English. Options included, for example: software localisation, website localisation, subtitling, and film revoicing. In the end, six projects were undertaken and completed.

In addition to completing the translation itself, the students were also required to identify computer-based tools that would assist them in the completion of the project and to then acquire competence on their own in using those tools. In order to provide the participants with an additional opportunity to acquire tools valuable for multi-media professions, they were required to report on their projects on this website. With the invaluable expert assistance of Daniel Busch, also a student at the FASK, the students acquired the rudiments of website design and created the web pages that can be seen here.

These pages will be translated into English as part of another group project in the winter semester of 2006.
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