This Website has been designed as a forum for discussion and collaboration in the area of new approaches to the education of professional translators. It was initiated in the Winter Semester of 1999/2000 within the scope of a graduate seminar I offered at the Institute for English, American and Anglophone Studies at the School of Applied Linguistics and Cultural Studies of the University of Mainz in Germersheim. The site has been significantly modified and expanded by several groups of seminar participants since then.

On the following pages you will find the results of some of the projects carried out by students in collaboration with each other and with me as their seminar facilitator. This site will continue to be updated to reflect new findings by subsequent generations of students. We have included useful links to related sites and we would be very happy to add more!

Many translation students but quite a few instructors as well are convinced that there must be effective alternatives to conventional teacher and text centered translation teaching techniques. This site is designed to present the principles and practice of innovative translator education as they are understood and experienced by students themselves. The teaching approach introduced here is based on social constructivist principles and emphasizes both autonomous and collaborative learning.

This site is geared primarily towards students and teachers of translation, but it may provide others interested in social constructivism with concrete examples of how this approach can be put into practice in professional education.