A Short Survey

Year of birth*

Year of final examination*

*This information is voluntary but we would appreciate it very much if you would indicate your age as well as the year when you took your final examination.

  1. How did you acquire your translation competence?

    university native speaker other

  2. How did you feel when entering professional life? Did you feel adequately prepared?

    Yes No Neither

  3. If "Yes" why?

  4. If "No" why?

  5. If "Neither" please explain

  6. We make a distinction between translator competence and translation competence. The former involves language skills, cultural background knowledge, etc., the latter, in contrast, entails skills that are not acquired automatically when learning a language, such as, knowledge of DIN norms, negotiating contracts, computer literacy and skills, etc.

    With reference to point two above: where did you acquire your knowledge?
    university/ (vocational) education private study courses (for money)