What do you think "chalk and talk" is?

"The predominant way of teaching at the FASK, is that the students get the impression that the teacher knows everything and they only have to listen to reach his level."

"A traditional teaching situation: the teacher stands in front of the class and teaches without any interaction with the students."

"'Chalk and talk' covers a wide area in theoretical fields, but is irrelevant for professional life. The student receives lots of information. The intention is to teach a broad knowledge, but even this is not always relevant for everyday life. The classes proceed rapidly, but there is no work on authentic projects."

"Someone (a teacher) stands in front of the class and talks while the rest is sleeping or is occupied with similarly exciting activities such as reading, writing or knitting."

"The teacher stands in front of the class and passes on his knowledge. He is the one and only person who knows something."

"The teacher talks about the topic in front of the class, while the students sit there passively and take notes. At best, one out of 19 students thinks about the subject at hand."

"The teacher stands in front of the class (probably at the desk) reading out loud his script (that he composed 10 years ago). Often it is difficult for the students to follow, because the teacher proceeds rapidly and does not explain anything."


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