Project Drausy

In our translation course entitled "Special Topics in Computer-Related Translation Introduction to Webpage Translation", comprising 16 students, we tackled the task of translating several Webpages.

After having worked on two projects together with our teacher Don Kiraly and our tutor Andrea Dannhäuser, we were given the task of handling the third one on our own. The job, arranged through Don, was to be finished within one week. It was the translation of the website of Drausy GmbH - a company that produces tubes for the micro-dispersion of gases and liquids. Therefore, the specialized terminology was new to us and difficult. Our client asked us to deliver the translation in MSWord format, so we did not have to handle the meta-text.

Heike Stürmer, a member of the group, agreed to coordinate the project, while another student, Michael Ewig, created the glossary. In total, 34 pages needed to be translated and were shared equally amongst the course participants who worked either on their own or in small groups. The native speaker in our course, who did an initial proofreading among other things, was of great help. We found almost all of the terminology in the Eurodicautom online database. The vocabulary the students made use of in their translations was sent in table form to Michael who set up a glossary that everybody had access to. Heike collected the translations, formatted them as necessary and sent them for proofreading to Rebecca Kelly, who worked as an instructor at the FASK and a freelance translator. The proofreading took Rebecca seven and a half hours, which was not so much due to the quality of the translation as to the strategy we employed: we made the mistake of creating a running text without regard to the layout of the source text. This would have made it difficult for the client to place the Word text on the Website correctly. The proofreading took the lion's share of the final fee.

We all enjoyed the course very much, since we had the chance to work on a real project instead of translating, for example, a newspaper article sentence by sentence. Therefore, the group was highly motivated. Since none of us had any experience in writing bills, Don helped us do that. As the major part of the money went into the proofreading, we decided to spend the rest of it on ice cream.