Project ASMI (Andreas Schnepf Medical Informatics)

At the end of Don Kiraly's German-English translation course in the winter semester 1999/2000, we - Ute Gerwert, Kerstin Hartmann, and Andrea Dannhäuser, translated the ASMI web pages

The ASMI company primarily installs computer systems in hospitals?. This is a very specific field that had never been dealt with in a general translation course before. We had only a little time to familiarise ourselves with the terminology, but this only intensified the feeling of having accomplished something when we handed in our translation. Since it was an authentic project, we obviously had to conduct research. This had to be done much more thoroughly than it would have been the case in regular class, and it helped us to enhance our skills in that respect, also. And, finally, working with the computer to create the English web pages was also "virgin land" for us. In doing that, we realised that it is extremely necessary to be able and willing to work in a team. It became evident that we had to work on our own initiative, instead of expecting the teacher to help us out with every problem we encountered. We learnt to take responsibility, which was not required in regular translation courses.

By contacting our client via e-mail, we managed to solve some field-specific problems. Nevertheless, translating the "catchy" slogans on the pages, which were intended to encourage potential customers to contact the company, was not easy. Especially in this case, our teacher's advice as a native speaker was indispensable. Together, we managed to translate the slogans in a way that satisfied not only us, but also our client.

Before we accepted the job of translating the web pages, we had negotiated a fee with our client. After we had handed in our translation, the money was donated to "Zukunft für Kinder - Aldea Laura e.V." ("A Future for Children - Aldea Laura charity") to support their work in Central America. We were especially happy about Mr. Andreas Schnepf's personal contribution and we would like to take this opportunity to thank him again.

The donation was not only the beginning of a good relationship with the people at Aldea Laura, but it also resulted in another authentic project at the FASK (School of Applied Linguistics and Cultural Studies) in Germersheim. You can find more information about that project and what was accomplished during its course on these pages.

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