Evaluation of Exam Situations and Assessment of Performance

In the course of our graduate seminar with Don Kiraly, we - Bernadette Proffert, Jasmin Medghaltschi, Juliane Mikolajczyk and Anke Schlachter - looked into different methods of proofreading, examination and assessment. As our university training is to prepare us for our later professional life, it is important to know about the requirements made on a professional translator. " Traditional" methods of teaching should be reconsidered and adjusted to today's requirements if necessary, in order to guarantee the best possible training for the later job as a translator. On the following pages we present alternative methods of assessment and proofreading. We also give you a short introduction to the DIN ( German Industrial Standard) which describes one possibility of concluding a contract between translator and client.

Different methods of proofreading

A short introduction to DIN

Suggestions for alternative methods of assessment