Project Details

In the course of the ‹bersetzerseminar entitled 'On learning: From Theory to Practice' offered by Don Kiraly in the winter semester of 2002/2003, students had the task of revising this site and adding new topics in only eight weeks. The website itself had been created three years earlier by a different class. In addition to this work, the course entailed a theoretical introduction to translation didactics. The students worked together in eight groups of three or four. One group was solely responsible for coordinating the individual project groups. Before this course, only a few of the students had basic knowledge of HTML. Therefore, tutors offered an additional four-hour class to fill in these gaps. Afterwards, the tutors were available two days a week for two hours to answer questions and help the students with particular problems.
At first, this task seemed to be impossible to manage for many of the students. However, after the students had realized what they could do with basic HTML commands, everything looked better. According to many participants, group dynamics developed that motivated them even to meet in their spare time to work on the website. The fact that the finished pages were going to be published on the Internet and would therefore be accessible to everyone contributed to the students' motivation for creating good pages.
This website is the best proof that the students' efforts were crowned with success. The result of the work they completed in just eight weeks is truly remarkable.

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