Productivity and Effective Work

When dealing with computer programs, the effectiveness of your work can be increased immensely even while still studying at the university. Working with simple word processing programs, which is quite common amongst students, but not universal, already reduces the amount of work because of the possibility to produce or edit texts fast and accurately. Although terminology management and translating programs are often used by professional translators, students hardly attend offered classes and tutorials about those applications. This is also a result of how translating exercises are structured: students are not obliged to attend those classes and seminars. Apart from the mentioned programs, there are other elements that increase productivity. The abilities to structure data and manage or maintain system software are often neglected.
All these programs increase productivity by saving time. It is not only important to save time while producing a text, but also while doing research. Freelancing translators asked about their working routines often mention that they work at odd hours when all the libraries are closed and colleagues would not be too receptive to a call. It is possible to get easy access to information on countless topics and use that information for the translation at any hour of the day. Research and translating are no longer separate, but blend into one work process that is by far more effective than the original method of translating.

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