Useful Links for Computer-supported Working

On this page you will find useful links for computer-supported working. All the links having to do with languages, such as classes, dictionaries etc. only refer to the language combination English-German. For plenty of links about other combinations, please refer to the excellent and detailed website of the University of Cambridge.

The listed links are divided into the following sections:

Websites on computer-supported learning for translators

Online dictionaries
  • Merriam-Webster - The by far most detailed and largest dictionary online (including thesaurus, examples for pronunciation, etc.)
  • Your-Dictionary - Huge variety of combinations of languages
  • Linguadict Bilingual dictionary (G-E/E-G) with more than 500.000 entries
  • Travlang - Countless combinations of languages, but fewer entries
  • Onelook - Searches several online-dictionaries for you
  • LEO - G-E/E-G dictionary
  • Eurodict - Dictionaries of European languages

  • Your-Dictionary - Extensive selection of grammars from different languages




Literature/libraries in the net

Search engines

Machine translation in the net