Computer-supported Learning and Training

The main requirement students have to face at the FASK is the acquisition of a second and third language, as well as knowledge of the cultural background and, of course, translation and interpreting. The computer-based tools included here can complement ordinary classes and lectures:

1. Acquiring a Language

  • Interactive online courses in different languages
  • Free texts on websites (for example on grammar)
  • Audio classes
  • Access to online libraries with original literature
  • Applications for the proofreading of texts written by the users
  • Audio and video meetings
  • Newspapers, Weblogs, radio stations, Newsgroups
  • Possibilities to get into contact with native speakers
2. Translation Technique

  • A wide range of research facilities on the Internet
  • Online dictionaries
  • Machine translation on the Internet
  • Access to online libraries with specific terminology
  • Programmes to manage terminology databases
  • Possibilities of contacting professional translators
  • Working with translation memories
  • Efficient working at the computer (data organizing, layout programmes, html tutorials, etc.)
  • Working according a schedule

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