AKAD Virtual University

AKAD, a private university, is the only institute of higher education in Germany which offers distance learning courses for translators with the language combination English and German. Also see our FAQ.

New York University

New York University offers translation courses leading to a Masterís degree via the Internet which can also be taken by non-American students.

PBS Distance Learning

An interesting website by the Public Broadcasting Services which offer distance learning courses in English. However, the site is primarily aimed at American students.


Blackboard offers the technology necessary to set up a distance learning course in the internet. The course participants can communicate via e-mail, they have direct access to the latest course information and can discuss the learning matter in a forum. Furthermore, data can easily be made available for everyone.

Apart from the full version available at $295 US per year ≠ it is possible to test a course for 60 days free of charge.

Distance Education at a Glance

Overview of different aspects of distance learning such as teaching methods, assessment and the various types of media used.

Virtual World of Education

This website contains an overview of different universities offering Internet-based distance learning programmes including helpful definitions, basics and comparisons.

A forum for students of the AKAD to exchange information and discuss problems concerning their studies, and much more.

Fernuniversität Hagen

The only German university, which is entirely virtual, offers its students the possibility to study wherever they want. A wide range of learning materials and ways of communication provide students with the most up-to-date research results regardless of whether it is their first time or if they are taking part in a post-graduate programme.

Virtual University of Cataluña

An entirely virtual campus. Unfortunately, the courses are almost exclusively held in Spanish or Catalan, rarely in English.