Housekeeping announcements

E-mail problems

Susanne Hagemann normally answers e-mails within a day or two. If you don't get a reply to your message within a couple of days, it has probably been lost in transit. Please try again.


Arrival and registration

Conference assistants will be in the conference office (Rooms 114/117) throughout (or almost throughout) Thursday afternoon and Friday morning. Registration will be on Thursday from 11:30 to 12:30.

Registration will be in Room 114 (old building ground floor), the so-called "Bierstübchen" for those who know the Germersheim campus.

If this is your first visit to Germersheim, you will already have read the "How to get to Germersheim" page. Remember, when planning your trip, that Germersheim is not near Mainz.
Walking from the train station to the campus takes 15-20 minutes. Walking to your hotel may take less (depending on which hotel you have chosen) as most are situated between the station and the university.
Registration: if you approach the campus from Ludwigstraße, Room 114 is in the left wing of the so-called old building (i.e. the building which you can see from Ludwigstraße). Go through the main gate and take the door (up a few steps) on the left-hand side. Room 114 is half-way along the corridor, on the left-hand side. It will be signposted (A4 signs with the conference logo "ba/ma Germersheim 2004").
In an emergency, you can reach the conference office by phone: 07274 508 35117. – If nobody answers, try reception (07274 5080) or, if you speak German, 07274 508 35534 (Frau Frisch-Klee, the secretary of the German Department).


Conference fee

The conference fee is 50 EUR. Please pay on arrival.


List of delegates

The conference documentation will include a (printed) list of delegates, with delegates' names, home universities and e-mail addresses. If you do not wish to appear in this list (for data-protection or other reasons), please let us know by 19 November at the latest.


Arrival and departure times

If you intend to arrive after the conference opens, or to leave before it ends, please let us know asap, in order to avoid problems with the scheduling of your paper. Thank you.


Papers and abstracts

Please check the current wording of your title in the conference programme, and let us know by 10 November at the latest if you wish to change it.

Please send us an abstract (10-20 lines) by 10 November at the latest. The abstracts will be made accessible to all delegates.


Registration form

We wouldn't want you

You can download the registration form here.