Workshop Programme


Download of Workshop Proceedings (PDF format, 1.8 MB)

Location: Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta, Malta

Saturday, 22 May 2010

 9:00 Opening Remarks

Invited Presentation


 9:15 Comparable Corpora Within and Across Languages, Word Frequency Lists and the KELLY Project
Adam Kilgarriff
10:30 Break

Session 1: Building Comparable Corpora

11:00 Analysis and Evaluation of Comparable Corpora for Under Resourced Areas of Machine Translation
Inguna Skadina, Andrejs Vasiljevs, Raivis Skadins, Robert Gaizauskas, Dan Tufis, Tatiana Gornostay
11:30 Statistical Corpus and Language Comparison Using Comparable Corpora
Thomas Eckart, Uwe Quasthoff

Wikipedia as Multilingual Source of Comparable Corpora
Pablo Gamallo, Isaac González López

12:30 Trillions of Comparable Documents
Pascale Fung, Emmanuel Prochasson, Simon Shi
13:00 Lunch break

Session 2: Parallel and Comparable Corpora for Machine Translation

14:30 Improving Machine Translation Performance Using Comparable Corpora
Andreas Eisele, Jia Xu

Building a Large English-Chinese Parallel Corpus from Comparable Patents and its Experimental Application to SMT
Bin Lu, Tao Jiang, Kapo Chow, Benjamin K. Tsou


Automatic Terminologically-Rich Parallel Corpora Construction
José João Almeida, Alberto Simões



Session 3: Contrastive Analysis


Foreign Language Examination Corpus for L2-Learning Studies
Piotr Banski, Romuald Gozdawa-Golebiowski


Lexical Analysis of Pre and Post Revolution Discourse in Portugal
Michel Généreux, Amália Mendes, L. Alice Santos Pereira, M. Fernanda Bacelar do Nascimento


From Language to Culture and Beyond: Building and Exploring Comparable Web Corpora
Maristella Gatto


Panel Session


A Roadmap for Comparable Corpora

Panel speakers:

Andreas Eisele (DFKI Saarbrücken, Germany)
Pascale Fung (Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, China)
Kyo Kageura (University of Tokyo, Japan)
Adam Kilgarriff (Lexical Computing Ltd, UK)
Uwe Quasthoff (University of Leipzig, Germany)
Richard Sproat (OGI School of Science and Technology, USA)
Benjamin Tsou (City University of Hong Kong, China)

19:00 End of Workshop