"DokTRIN" PhD Group

"On the Edges of Translation Studies" PhD Group

The members of our PhD group are focusing on subjects on the edges of translation studies: edges which serve to define our discipline, whilst at the same time highlighting our common ground or differences with other disciplines, or other areas of research in translation studies. By focusing on the interfaces with other disciplines in our research, or with applied areas of translation studies, we hope to bring new aspects into the debate on whether the scope of our discipline and the concept of translation should be widened or narrowed.

Within the framework of this group, our dissertations will fall under areas such as:

• Launching an in-depth theoretical debate on how the concept of translation fits in with related concepts;
• Researching the interface between theory and practice to investigate the relationship between translation studies and translation criticism with regard to the production and “consumption“ of translations;
• Looking at new ways of working together with other disciplines;
• Bringing marginalised languages and cultures to the forefront.

Thesis supervisors:




The conference "Translation Studies, Linguistics and Cultural Studies as Reflected in Young Research II" takes place on January 23rd and 24th in FTSK, Germersheim. This conference is organised by dokTRIN and covers a variety of research areas. Poster + ​Programme



Akkad Alhussein
Marina Dudenhöfer
Natallia Feld
Mahmoud Hassanein
Faranak Jeyranlouie
Mikko Kervinen
Yasmine Khaled
Changgun Kim
Nam Hui Kim (PostDoc)
Mohammed Lafi
Nannan Liu
Michele Orrù
Raquel Pacheco Aguilar
Tomasz Rozmyslowicz
Zahra Samareh
Birsen Serinkoz
Anastasia Shakhova
Yuliya Yakushova

Associated members

Julija Boguna
Celeste Hebe Grop
Anna Hermann
Ursula Kiermeier
Ruth Katharina Kopp
Maral Nurlyyeva
Irina Rauch

Contact details

Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz
Fachbereich Translations-, Sprach- und Kulturwissenschaft
An der Hochschule 2
76726 Germersheim

Room 378
Tel: 07274/508 35 378

For any questions: hassanein@uni-mainz.de

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